Wednesday, July 6, 2016

DC Super Hero Girls: Poison Ivy

Update 3/10/18 Added some images from the DC Super Hero Girls Episode Fish Out of Water Part 2.

Ivy is a character that is going to get a lot of focus this summer. You'll probably see her popping in and out throughout this marathon charming the audience and making them fall to her feet every time. Today's post of her follows where my last blog entry left off though tributing Ivy's Super Hero Girls Incarnation. 

(These are from Super Hero Girls Season 2 Episode 2 and Season 4 Episode 6. Once again a special thanks to JTurner for tipping me off to this scene.)

Previous Anime Feet Tributes to Poison Ivy

Previous Super Hero Girls Tributes

Ivy's Super Hero girls incarnation differs a bit from her normal depiction. In the series she's a heroine; a wallflower who was involved in an accident giving her her plant powers. She's described as a "Garden Variety Misfit" with a genius intellect who is adapting to her new powers. Like her regular incarnation she loves plants a lot. :-) The version of Ivy is a lot sweeter than how she's usually portrayed. It makes a big difference when she's not trying to kill the people around her. ^_^;

Sidenote: The website for Super Hero Girls offers a free app for fans of the series to download allowing you to pose the heroines for pictures. I wonder if they have a dress up mode option? It would be kind of cool to be able to give the heroines a pedicure.

Alright everyone. That's all for tonight. As always more to come soon!


  1. Excuse me, there's something I want to ask. What happened to the previous feet images? I see an "!" over them.

    1. Oh yeah. One of our image accounts got deleted. We're working on getting the material back up though. It's taking us awhile though cause there's a lot of material to recover.

  2. Is Selina gunna appear anytyime soon +P, although did find a great pic of her doing her toenails XD

    1. :-D I want to do a massive tribute to Catwoman similar to Harley and Ivy covering all her incarnations. I have a really good set of images collected for her that I've been organizing. O_O Would definitely love to see that picture of her. Catwoman really rocks. ^_^