Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fairy Tale Feeturettes Vol 2: Bluebeard: Josephine

Ok it's time for another installment of Fairy Tale Feeturettes. Today's feetured character is a cute girl named Josephine, the wife of the title character in the fairy tale Bluebeard.
(These are from Grimm Fairy Tales Classic Episode 16: Bluebeard. Tremendous Thank Yous to both JTurner and Kitty Pakah for recommending and sending in the clip for this episode)

Previous Volume in this series:

Josephine is a poor girl who basically dreams of marrying a prince. Her fantasy leads her to marry the rich but enigmatic nobleman Bluebeard. Bluebeard gives her all the keys to his mansion allowing her to roam around it exploring the vast treasures inside of it. He warns her however not to open a mysterious room in the house that a golden key will unlock.

Spoiler alert (that everyone probably already knows): Opening the door is not a good idea.  ^_^;

Grimm Fairy Tales Classic continues to deliver some beautiful animation with this short. Josephine's initial barefoot appearance is sort of symbolic of her status. When she doesn't have much she wears simple clothing and doesn't wear shoes. However once she becomes wealthy you can see her in exotic dresses and footwear.

This episode follow Josephine's perspective so you have to sympathize with her character a bit. She's similar to Cinderella in a way.* She doesn't have much but is given the opportunity to have her dreams come true.  Like a lot of Grimm's fairy tales though there is a moral involved in her story. Though she is initially sweet when she becomes wealthy she begins to forget her humility only seeing the value in riches. Her curiosity and greed wind up creating problems for her.

Sidenote: I know that this might reflect anime art style in general but does anyone else think that the animation in this cartoon is similar to Lunar Silver Story. I think that Josephine could pass for a character straight out of that franchise.

Ok everyone that is it for tonight. As always though more to come soon!

*A key difference is that she has a much more loving family with brothers that care about her. 


  1. Well, ain't she cute! I think she should've stayed barefoot!

    1. Yeah I would have liked that as well. :-)

    2. Especially because there was another girl in a different episode who ALWAYS went barefoot!

    3. It's old woman in Woods, I think (la vecchia nel bosco in italian - batter quality on yt)

    4. Oh... you guys can guess what Volume 3 will be. ^_^

  2. Hey there a anime were a girl name Nona from death parade on episode 5 she has a close up of her feet she not barefoot she does were sandals and she light blue toe nails i would love to put on but I can't it won't let me

  3. Sorry if you don't understand what i said i forgot to say she has

    1. O_O Thank for that tip Dean. It sounds like a really great scene.

  4. Watched the whole thing. Enjoyed it xD how handy to find entertainment as such! I usually only go here to be ashamed of myself xD