Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fairy Tail Zero: Mavis Vermilion (Part 3)

Ok here is part 3 of the tribute sets dedicated to Mavis. This set deals with Episode 4 of Fairy Tail Zero. ^_^
Bonus: A Compilation of Foot Related moments involving Mavis
(Credits: This tribute is a combination of caps from Fairy Tail Episode 4 and a clip done by Kaio-Ken Forever. Big thank yous to both Shadowmandude for recommending this episode and JTurner for sending in the above clip with I might cap frame by frame at a later date.)

Previous Tributes to Mavis: (part 2)

This episode Mavis is paired with Precht Gaebolg, a warrior who tends to be pretty serious. It's an interesting contrast because the character winds up acting as a straight man to Mavis' livelier personality. It's obvious that Precht is well intentioned but his fierce look intimidates the people he is trying to help. Mavis winds up being the diplomat of the pair. The two of them wind up investigating a Wizard Guild called Blue Skull. During the investigation Mavis' intelligence once again comes to light. She able to track down a lead easily identifying when the bartender they are questioning is lying. We also get to see her magic in action. Apparently the character uses illusion magic. It's harmless but Mavis is able to use it bluff the bartender into giving her the info that she needs.

Ok guys technically this completes the initial set of episodes involving Mavis I was planning to cap. However, it's apparent that there are still more barefoot moments involving her to tackle. I've already been told episode 1 has some good scenes and given the fact that this character shows no interest whatsoever in wearing shoes, she must be barefoot in other episodes as well. I think it's safe to say you haven't seen the last of her on this blog. If there are other episodes you guys know for a fact that she goes barefoot in feel free to let me know and I'll try to cap them. 

Alright everyone. That will do it for now. As always more to come soon!


  1. Super adorable! I especially like the scene with her walking on the plank! And the video is great, too!