Thursday, July 21, 2016

Harley Quinn Megapost Part 3: New 52 Harley

So if you guys remember... last month I promised that the Harley Quinn tribute would be 3 parts. I wound up having to shuffle things around a bit due to the vast amount of material available for her that I wanted to include but I definitely didn't forget about her. Unfortunately it's a bad idea to keep a villainess waiting for too long. I knew I had to scramble when Harley sent me a doormat in the mail with the following note attached: "Part 3 by Friday Foot Boy or this is your future! Capisce?" Anyway without further delay her is the climax of the Harley set. This one deals with her New 52 incarnation. If you follow along, I'll try to fill you guys in where each of the big scenes are from via Captions. 
Harley's new 52 origin is a little different from her classic incarnation. Like her earlier version, Harley is infatuated with the Joker. However the origin varies slightly with Joker encouraging Harley to modify her appearance by pushing her into a vat of chemicals.
As a result of the chemicals Harley developed a skin tone similar to the Joker. She also has sort of a exotic goth thing going with her hair where it looks like it was dyed red on one side and blue on the other.  
She uses the red and blue in her dress style as well. ^_^
Harley's origin was revealed via Flashback in Suicide Squad issue #7.
The New 52 version of Harley is a member of the Suicide Squad. For those of you that need a primer before the new film... The Suicide Squad is a group of criminal mercenaries enlisted by the government to take on dangerous missions.
In addition to her appearances in Suicide Squad. New 52 Harley also was given on ongoing series and several mini-series written by the husband and wife dream team Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connors. 
If you've seen the Power Girl and and Starfire Comic book tributes posted on this blog. You know that two tend to really bring not only with incredible writing but awesome foot moments as well. The above two caps are from issue 0 the opening issue of Harley's ongoing series. ^_^
The above two caps are a scene from Batman Death of the family where the Joker makes Harley strip and then dress up in disguise to lure Batman into a trap.
DC also released a Valentine's day special starring Harley. In it there are several dream sequences.
One of note was cool fantasy scenario where Harley pictures herself to be a pirate captain with Bruce Wayne as her chamber boy/slave. If you read the text, she offers to let him massage her feet as reward something that he seems happy to do.
There's also a dream scenario where Bruce is married to Harley where we get a good glimpse of her sole. 
The above 3 are from a special called Harley Quinn Road Trip. More on that in the future. ;-)
A mini series entitle Harley Quinn's Little Black book focused on her teaming up with different heroes (Green Lantern, Wonder Woman etc).
Issue 3 focused on Zatanna. Hence her cameo in the cap below. :-D
Love those Bunny slippers. ^_^
The two caps below are from Harley's Black Book issue #1 which involves Harley teaming up with Wonder Woman
The word Team up is used very loosely because the comic involves Harley knocking Diana out and stealing her costume. ^_^;
The ongoing series issue #4 gives us a little bit of a GTS moment when Harley destroys a model train set with her feet.
There are also a lot of foot scenes in the one-shot Issue Future's End Harley Quinn. 
The One shot was released during a DC event called Future's End where all the series in the DC universe took place in the start of a post apoctalyptic future where machines were beginning to take over. Each issue was released with a special Hologram cover. Harley's comic cover alternated between the pictures above and below this caption.
In the storyline Harley winds up on an island where the natives believe her and the Joker to be Gods.
Due to the storyline taking place on a beach. The issue has several foot scenes of Harley in a swimsuit.
If you've been reading the new 52 Batman, you'll get the above reference lol. ^_^
The cap below is from a special rub and smell (aka scratch and sniff) issue of the Harley comic series. Yup the page really actually encouraged you to rub and smell Harley's.
In case you're wondering they smelled like sun block. :-D The lotion that Harley was putting on herself.
In her ongoing series Harley disguises herself using makeup to get a job as a Psychiatrist giving us the opportunity to see her in her work clothes.
A great touch is that we get to see her kick off her pumps in the office. ^_^
(Various Webfinds and Caps from Harley's New 52 appearances including her one shots, miniseries, cameos and scenes from her ongoing series issues 0-5. A Big Thank You to Juancho for tipping me off to some of these.)

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Ok this concludes the tribute. Does that mean that we've seen the last of this Jester? Nope! The scenes covered in this tribute are actually only about 50% of Harley's new 52 appearances. I still have 20 issues of her ongoing series to cap and 2 mini-series that are still releasing issues. Not only that Harley's live action movie Suicide Squad is coming out in August and there's at least 1 barefoot moment involving her in it. Also seeing how hot Margot Robbie looks in that costume a sequel to that film seems really likely. In addition to that Harley is also scheduled to Co-star in another tribute here later this summer. You guys will definitely see her here again probably a lot sooner than you realize. :-D On that note... more to come soon everyone!



  1. How mine times are we going to see her:-(

    1. At least two more times this summer. It really depends on her ongoing series and the suicide squad films.

  2. Great post XD and also here's that pic of Selina XD

    A lot of footstuff in that series XD Catwoman's got some great shots so do Harley and Ivy =)

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. O_O Here Kitty Kitty. That's so awesome. Going straight to my Catwoman Megapost stash. Thank you so much for it.