Friday, July 22, 2016

Ultimate Spider-Man: Mary Jane Watson/Carnage Queen

In the 3-part Symbiote Saga of "Ultimate Spider-Man", Mary Jane becomes the host for Carnage, becoming the Carnage Queen as she helps civilians escape from Carnage by guiding them to safety. For a while, as Peter was busy looking over the SHIELD recruits and stopping HYDRA, Mary Jane was looking after Harry Osborn. Here is a post for her brief barefoot scenes.

And that was the end of Carnage…

…Or was it?

Hope you guys appreciated this post. All scenes are from Ultimate Spider-Man episode "The Symbiote Saga Part 3". I'll be back for more soon!


  1. :-D Epic!! I love Mary Jane and it's really Spectacular to see her feet. Great post Flynn!!

  2. I really admire MJ's new redesign, she looks much cuter. ;)