Friday, July 1, 2016

Ultimate Spiderman: Dagger / Poll of the Month 66

Ok...Here is the 3rd and final set of Ultimate Spiderman Beach Episode caps. This one is dedicated to the hot blonde heroine Dagger of the Cloak and Dagger Duo.
(Yet another set from Ultimate Spiderman's Season 4 Episode Agent Web. Once again a Huge Thank you to JTurner for this)

Once again my initial knowledge this Marvel character turned out to be pretty limited and I have to give the Ultimate Spiderman producers a lot of credit for devoting some time to her in this series. I knew a little more about Dagger before watching the Ultimate Spiderman series than I did about White Tiger but it was just basic infomation like what team she is a part of and what her powers are.

Dagger's real name is Tandy Bowen. She has the ability to project and control light. This contrasts with her partner's Cloaks ability to manipulate darkness and she winds up balancing him out. Her and her partner gained their powers by being used as Guinea pigs in criminal experiments. In turn they decided to use their abilities to stop crime and protect the people around them.

Dagger is an easy character to fantasize about especially if you are like me and have a weakness for blondes.  Throw in the fact that she has a superheroine factor adding to her awesomeness and cool abilities and it's really easy to lose several hours daydreaming about her. 

Ok as you guys might have noticed there is a new poll in the sidebar tonight. This one involves Russian female character's feet. There are a lot of sexy Russian fictional women out there (Spies, villainesses, heroines etc). Let's say one of them wanted to use their feet to train you. They could be trying to teach you something sensual like how to worship a woman's feet properly or how to give a proper foot massage. They could also be dominating as well (maybe training you as  footstool or using their feet to kick you around). I'll let you decide how gentle, playful or mean the woman will be to you depending. However If you had your choice of  female Russian character to train and live out your fantasies with... who would you want it to be?

 Alright everyone with that question in mind... I'll leave you to think and fantasize about it a bit. Have a good July 4th Weekend everyone and as always more to come soon. ^_^ 

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