Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dofus The Treasures of Kerub: Gulivette (Mega-Post)

Ok everyone tonight's post is a cute Giantess named Gulivette from the French series Dofus. In the series, the main character/narrator Kerub and his rival Indie encounter Gulivette during their adventures. She decides to keep them as pets forcing them play with her and pamper her during their captivity.
(These were capped from Dofus Treasures of Kerub Episode 22. A Gulivette sized Thank you to JTurner for sending in this scene)

Being the pet of a cute Giantess like Gulivette is probably not the worst thing that could happen to you but you do have to sympathize with Kerub. She isn't intentionally cruel* but she does torture the main character and his rival quite a bit forcing them to do ballet and using them like toy dolls. The food that she feeds her captives also doesn't look very appetizing. On the plus side she does make them give her spa treatments and let them take baths with her.** You get the sense that Gulivette is just lonely and wants friends to play with. Being her captive though is sort of like being in the clutches of Elmira from Tiny Toon Adventures. She's not nearly as dumb as Elmira intellectually but you wouldn't want to be stuck with her. She does have sort of a bratty personality and  and she has been known to intentionally punish her pets. Considering her size you can imagine how intimidating having an angry Giantess mad at you could be,

In a  nod to Jack and the Beanstalk Gulivette lives in a house above the clouds making it difficult for her captives to escape her. Kerub and Indie have to use their wits and teamwork to escape her.

When I was watching this episode of the series. I was thinking that the animation style in Dofus is very similar to Wakfu (another French series). It probably is the same animation studio responsible for both series.

Alright guys. That's all for tonight. I hope you guys liked this post (over 300 cap this round) and as always more to come soon. ^_^

*For the most part... sometimes you wonder if she knows she's antagonizing her captives. She's awfully quite to suggest a game she knows the protagonists don't like as a penalty for losing a game of hide and seek with her.

** Both Kerub and Indie prove  they lack the skills of  beauty care before Gulivette assigns them to give her a pedicure though.


  1. Don't care for giantesses at all, but she's really cute :)

  2. This series looks interesting. It's by the same people that did Wakfu, right?

    1. Yes. ^_^ Upon further research... I found out it Dofus is a sister series to Wakfu. Both games each cartoon is based on take place in the same world.

  3. Y'know, her eyes are the same color as Evangelyne's from Wakfu.

  4. Despite her personality, she is quite the cute giantess, and the look in her eyes when her shorts came off was pretty priceless.

    1. Hey, check it out. Someone has commission Sugarnhoney to do a art of Gullivette on Deviantart:

    2. Oh wow that's a great picture. Thanks for it Shadowmandude. ^_^

    3. No prob, it is a nice pic, but this kind of pic is what I talk about before about creating a link where people can donate some money so that we can commission a artist like sugarnhoney to make at least one pic of a character. It can kind of work with the poll results.

    4. Yeah it's a really cool idea and I do hope to implement it one day. Would be great to be able to commission artists like that. ^_^