Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans: Lafter Frankland

Hot off the press. An amazing scene from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans involving a female Gundam pilot painting her toenails. ^_^
Might as well throw in an animation as well ;-)
(These are from Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Episode 7. A Massive Sized Thank you to Shadowmandude for tipping us off to this scene. ^_^)

First off... You really have to give a lot of props to whoever did the storyboarding for this episode. This scene above was the first scene you get to see. Talk about a hot way to hook the viewers 

I haven't had a chance to watch the Iron Blooded Orphan series yet but judging from this episode, it seems like a lot of fun. With Gundam series... The battles tend to be very fast paced while the political drama tends to play out much slower so depending on which episode of a series you are watching the pacing could vary dramatically. This episode though was action intensive making it really enjoyable. A ship on ship battle lead to  3 simultaneous fights going on, All of them were really exciting to watch.

From a foot fetishist perspective, Gundam series don't often give you the opportunity to see the feet of a female pilots. The atmosphere of space means that you'll be seeing a lot of the woman wearing boots as part of their uniforms. In a way though that just makes the few opportunities that you see a female characters feet all the more epic. :-) When it does happen cheering is pretty much involved. It helps a lot that the animation of  a Gundam series tend to be really top notch. You'll often find yourself pausing the anime and staring at a character's feet for several minutes (ex. Cagali or Stellar's barefoot scenes from Gundam Seed). For a female character to not only go barefoot but to give herself a pedicure... it's the equivalent of catching the Pokemon Mew. 

Having watched this episode. :-) I have to say that Lafter is an awesome character. Not only is she a badass pilot being able to hold her own in a Mobile Suit battle against the main character in the series (Mikazuki) but she seems to really enjoy herself as she's battling. She seems really lighthearted taunting the main character in a fight. Her suit was able to move and adapt to the fight so quickly that the main character had a hard time keeping up. Though it seems like the main character might have found a way to neutralize her speed towards the end of the episode, their fight ultimately ends in a draw. It also really nice to see that she takes such good care of her feet as well. It was a funny moment to see her get called into right after she had just finished giving herself a pedicure complaining that her nails didn't even have time to dry as she gets her mobile suit ready.

Ok everyone... that's all for now. As always more to come soon!


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  2. my I suggest Justice League: Throne of Atlantis? Both Queen Atlanta and Mera are barefoot as a part of their outfits in there

    1. O_O Will look into that. Female Atlantians are hot. Thanks very much for the recommendation Blackviper. ^_^

  3. Niiiiiiiiiiiicccceee! I'm liking what I'm seeing.