Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fairy Tail: Virgo

A little bit of a residual set from the Lucy vs Tartaros fight. A scene involving Lucy's celestial guardian Virgo barefoot. ^_^
(A combination of caps and webfinds. The bulk of these are from Fairy Tail 248. A massive thank you again to Solitus Tenno for sending this scene in.)

Virgo seem like a great summon that everyone would be happy to have. She's loyal, obedient and eager to please. From a fetish standpoint, she definitely has a lot of appeal wearing a maid's outfit and being pretty submissive. She always seems happy to ask for punishment from her mistress regardless of whether she completes a task well or badly. She definitely would be a lot of fun to play with in fantasy scenarios

One thing you notice from watching this episode is that there is a little bit of a discrepancy in the animation. Virgo starts off the fight barefoot when she is summoned but later in the episode she is seen wearing her stockings and shoes. I wish the animators were careful enough to leave her barefoot throughout but at least we got a nice peek of her feet.

Ok everyone. That's going to do it for tonight. As always more to come soon!


  1. Wow nice I've never seen her barefoot this is the first time :-)

  2. My the only one to say something about this is