Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fairy Tail: Lucy vs Tartaros

While I was working on the Mavis sets. I received a really amazing episode recommendation involving Lucy (from the main series) taking on the Dark Guild Tartaros. It was probably one of the most epic anime fights I've seen in a long time. The cool thing about it for Foot fans though is that Lucy is barefoot the entire fight.  ^_^  
(These are from Fairy Tail 248. A Massive Thank You to Solitus Tenno for sending this scene in.)

Believe it or not there are over 400 frames of her feet in this set including the POV Kick. O.O 

The foot scenes in this episode were amazing but even without them I found myself blown away by this episode. This was the first episode of the main series that I've seen and you would think that I wouldn't have any attachment to the characters but by the end of it I was rooting and sympathizing with Lucy.

The fight sets her up completely outmatched. Three powerful Tartaros demons are stalking her, the fate of her friends is unknown and she is exhausted and ready to collapse on her feet. Still she pushes herself with everything she's got using her powers as a Celestial mage to summon her guardian spirits to assist her. Each summoning takes a toll on her sapping her energy but she continues to push her self with her guardians doing their best to protect her in the process. In the end Lucy has to make an intense decision to save her friends at great personal cost to herself. I've seen a lot of emotional anime sacrifices in the past but this one was particularly poignant. I found myself in tears at the end of the episode. I think what really sold the episode was that the writers and animators did a great job of recaping Lucy's deep relationship with her friends and with her guardians. It made her decision all the more powerful. Definitely anime done right. ^_^ 

Needless to say the main series of Fairy Tails is pretty high up there on my Watch List after this episode. 

Ok guys that's all for tonight. ^_^ As always more to come soon!


  1. And what about the Fairy Tale Feeturettes?

    1. Oh yeah... been awhile definitely have to post the next volume. Maybe will try to do Bluebeard next week.

  2. I have noticed that Lucy has so mine foot sense she has a lot but I do like to see her feet still :-)

    1. It's true. She does have a lot of scenes. ^_^ Yeah I like her feet too.

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