Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Cuty Kunai

Continuing the third round of Wrestle Angel Survivor tributes, tonight's post is a tribute to Cuty Kunai aka "The Crybaby Wrestler".
In her Ingame event Cuty is accidentally stung by a Jellyfish. She panics and begs the player's character to take her to the hospital because she thinks she'll die from it. ^_^; This girl is too cute and innocent. 
(Once again a big Thank you to Double A for these images. ^_^)

Cuty Kunai or is it Cutey Kunai is another idol wrestler in the game. She gets her nickname because she cries really easily. Despite her appearance, Cuty is the Asian Junior champion by the later game. He stats in the game match her title making her a powerful choice for the player to use. Wow!!

:-D I like the hairstyle Cuty has going on. ^_^ Pink hair and pigtails much her look incredibly adorable. Another bit of interesting trivia is that this character is a gamer. She likes playing fighting games choosing wrestling character such as Zangief and Jeffrey Mcwild which makes her really cool in my book. Cuty's (her name definitely should be changed to Cutie) finishing move is called the "Northern Light" Suplex which I imagine packs quite the Whallop. ^_^;

Ok everyone wave three of the wrestlers will probably continue until Friday or Saturday. I'm going to be attending New York Comic con tomorrow so I might be back a little late tomorrow night. Hopefully I'll be able to keep the Marathon going,

Until next time everyone!


  1. Here some more of Wendy name of the episode is king of the Dragons and Welcome back frosch and Wendy vs Aquarius let's have fun in the amusement park!
    And one more the episode name is Erza vs Sagittarius horseback showdown
    To find them you might have to go to kissanime :-)

    I'm still not done yet there more of Wendy to find when done with her I'll start on Erza :-D

    1. These sound great. Thanks so much for finding all these scenes Dean. ^_^