Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vampire Princess Miyu: Miyu

Just a light bonus tonight. If you guys remember... Last October I did a Female Vampire poll. One of the vampire characters you guys recommended was this beautiful vampire below. I haven't gotten a chance to watch her anime yet but I did come across some barefoot images of her.
(Various webfinds of the character. ^_^)

I skimmed her wikipedia article but apparently Miyu is a hybrid vampire with a lot of really cool powers. She's sort of like Blade having all of the vampire strength and few of their weaknesses. She can teleport, levitate, move between dimensions, create fire attacks etc. ^_^ She seems really cool. As a vampire Miyu has her own code that she follows. She needs blood to survive but she won't take the blood of a person unless they offer it willingly to her. In exchange for their blood, she grants people their greatest wish reuniting them with their loved ones though their dreams. When she drinks the blood of a human it puts them in an permanent dreamlike state allowing them to live out their desires. It's a big sacrifice but for the people who chose to accept her deal are desperate enough to take that chance at happiness.

Of course another really awesome thing about Miyu is that she's a barefoot character. Save for a red ribbon that she wears around her left foot, this character doesn't wear shoes. Since her feet are pretty much invulnerable she doesn't really need them. ^_^ It sort of makes her kryptonite for us though because we probably would have a hard time refusing any deal she offers. ^_^;

Ok everyone I have to call it a night. If you guys really like Miyu let me know and I'll try to prioritize watching the anime. 

Until next post. ^_^


  1. Never heard of this anime she is beautiful but I prefer Yuki from vampirenight she have lovely feet

    1. O.O Another character and anime I need to look into.

    2. I miss spelled it the name of the anime it's called vampire knights I forgot the letter k :-D

    3. :-D Found it. Seems like an interesting anime to watch.

  2. If she's always barefoot, you kinda need to watch this show! My interest is definitely piqued!

    1. Yeah that's true. ^_^ Attractive barefoot female vampires have a hypnotic affect on fetishists... it is one of their powers. :-)

    2. A show having a barefoot girl is the perfect reason to watch it.