Saturday, October 15, 2016

Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris) Mega-Post

Ok... I'm going to wrap up this set of Comic Posts with a Mega-Set dedicated to beautiful Villainess/Green Lantern love interest Star Sapphire aka Carol Ferris. This tribute covers multiple incarnations of the character. ^_^
The above picture is from the Green Lantern CG Animated Cartoon.

Gotta love when a woman props her bare feet on a desk. ^_^
Infinite Crisis Star Sapphire
Infinite Crisis is a Multiplayer online battle game that allows you to control various characters in the DC Universe. Star Sapphire is a playable character in the game but the really nice thing about her is that she has an alternate outfit called the Goddess of Love. ^_^
This version of her shows off quite a bit of her body including her lovely bare feet. ^_^
The downside is that the battle based gameplay in this game doesn't really provide us with a lot of close ups we need to thoroughly enjoy her feet. I'm hoping to find a 3D model of her character that we could zoom in on. I did however take what screenshots I could of the game. ^_^
Star Sapphire has a few cool attacks in the game.
One of which she can manifest her energy to create the entity above which she can order to attack her enemies. 

I would have loved to see a closeup of her lifting her sole like that at Full Size. ^_^
In the game Star Sapphire has two Energy blasting attacks... Crystal Bomb and Violet Harvest. ^_^
Green Lantern Movie Star Sapphire
Warner Bros. released a Live Action Green Lantern feature film in 2011 with Ryan Reynolds (The same actor that plays Deadpool) in the title role. Carol Ferris appeared in the film played by Actress Blake Lively. The film takes place before Carol become Star Sapphire so we only get to see her as a love interest for Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) and his boss. Carol runs the Aircraft company that Hal Jordan is a Test pilot for.  
The Green Lantern movie sadly wasn't very good and it flopped at the box office preventing any sequels from occurring. It's a shame because I would have love to see Blake take on the Star Sapphire role. ^_^ She is really hot. Sidenote: In the Deadpool movie there is a joke about Ryan Reynolds playing both Green Lantern and Deadpool. When Deadpool is about to be given a Superhero costume/identity, he requests that the costume not be green or animated (a reference to Green Lantern's CGI mask in the film).
Anyway this is a great opportunity to tribute Blake Lively's feet on the site so let's post some pictures of her. ^_^
Gotta love when airport security measures work in our favor. ^_^
Many of these are from the Series Gossip Girl the series where Blake Lively got her first big break. ^_^ 
The timing of this tribute is good because Blake just released a movie called the Shallows which shows off her feet quite often. ^_^
(Various Webfinds from Comicvine, Wikifeet and Multiple issues of  the Green Lantern series as well as some screenshots of Star Sapphire from the Infinite Crisis video game. ^_^  A Tremendous Thank you to the Warrior Three for recommending a gorgeous scene of Carol taking her shoes off  from New Guardians Annual #2 that was added to this post. ^_^)

Previous Tributes to Star Sapphire:

I already talked about how dominating Star Sapphire is as a Villianess in a previous tribute but I didn't mention much of her backstory. ^_^  Just to clarify Carol Ferris is one of many female characters to become a Star Sapphire. As you can probably tell from Atomic Chinchilla's Giata tribute, the Star Sapphires are a Corp similar to the Green Lanterns. There are two notable differences though. First instead of will, Star Sapphires get their power from love. Also the entire Star Sapphire Corp is made up of female members.

In the comics a group of aliens called Zamorans choose Carol to become their Queen and bestow upon her a Star Sapphire Crystal giving her similar powers to Green Lantern. The Crystal winds up possessing Carol and makes her see Green Lantern as an enemy. Under the Crystal's influence, she attempts to defeat him to try prove demonstrate the Zamoran belief that females are superior. In the comics Carol winds up battling Hal Jordan several times. When she is defeated however, she doesn't remember her time as Star Sapphire. Eventually Carol does get control of her Star Sapphire Crystal and can use her powers in the way she wants.

I really like both Carol and her Star Sapphire persona a lot. ^_^  In some ways Hal Jordan really lucks out getting to date his hot boss and get dominated by her so regularly. :-) Carol also placed 36th on Comic Buyer's Guide of 100 Sexiest Women in Comics... Awesome!!

Ok everyone. Some new material for tomorrow. Thanks very much for visiting and as always more to come soon!!


  1. Dude you are on fire with these posts!! I will add that in New Guardians Annual #2 there is a great panel of Carol stripping one of her high heels. Love the post as always!

    1. :-D Thanks so much The Warriors Three. O_O Wow that is an amazing scene that you recommended. I'm updating the post with it now. ^_^

  2. KSC if you were a girl I'd kiss you for this Carol is amazing so many good shots I had no clue existed

    1. :-) Glad you enjoyed the tribute Destiny Dueler.

  3. Carol definitely has some of the coolest foot shots I've seen in the more recent comics.

    On a side note, Blake Lively was great in the Shallows (and not just because we see her size 8.5 feet in many shots). It's arguably the best shark movie since the original JAWS.

    1. :-) Yeah I'm really happy that they gave her some good scenes. I hope that we get to see more of her feet in the future.

      O.O I really need to watch that movie. It looked like a very exciting film from the trailers. Getting to see Blake's feet are definitely a huge plus as well. ^_^

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    1. O_O Thanks... Oh wow. Hope that you have a good Birthday Dean.

    2. Thank You very much KSC you're a great friend ^_^ i hope you keep up good work :-D