Monday, October 24, 2016

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan: Haruhi Suzumiya

:-D We can't really do a set covering Haruhi women without doing a tribute to Haruhi herself. Tonight's post does just that. ^_^  Enjoy guys!
(Once again I have to give a Massive Thank you to Double A for sending in this set.)

Haruhi is the founder of the SOS brigade. She created that school club with the intention of discovering unusual things like Time Travelers, Aliens and Espers. Haruhi is revealed to have God Like powers which can change reality. She's unaware of her abilities though 

Haruhi has a complicated personality. She's smart and energetic but her mood alternates between optimistic and sad. She's somewhat eccentric being egotistical and refusing to admit her mistakes and can be very impulsive. Originally she was somewhat anti-social preferring to keep to herself but becoming friends with her classmate Kyon and founding the SOS brigade has stabilized her a bit.

Haruhi seems like a really fun character. I like energetic types and Haruhi looks really hot. I can imagine her ego makes her pretty dominating so the idea of her making a person massage or worship her feet doesn't seem that far off. She definitely has some really interesting powers as well even if she's unaware that she has them. 

Ok... I'll finish the disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan set tomorrow. 

Stay Tuned Everyone.


  1. My top 5 favorite girls in this anime number five is Ryoka number four is Tsuruya number three is the cute ms Mikuru number two is the awesome ms Haruhi and the final one is the best to me and the beautiful to me ms Nagato. ^_^

    So that my top five favorite :-D

    1. Awesome... My favorites list for this series is very similar to yours. ^_^

      5) Ryoka - Fun character. Hard not to fantasize about a class president
      4) Tsuruya - Energetic
      3) Mikuru - Adorable
      2) Yuki - Super adorable, smart, and shy.
      1) Haruhi - Pretty and Energetic.

  2. Let me just say that is one sexy hot black bikini Haruhi is wearing. Also, she has a cute belly button drawn on her that I would love to tickle.

    1. :-D Yeah I love the black bikini too. My favorite is the picture where she's sliding down the water slide. ^_^ Yeah I'd love to tickle her as well.

    2. Okay, KingsSideCastle, you can tickle her feet and I can tickle her navel. Also, listening to Haruhi squealing with laughter and giggles while she's getting her feet, sides and bellybutton tickled would be music to my ears.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes like the sock shots as well. ^_^ The one where she is taking off her loafers is particularly good.