Thursday, October 13, 2016

Justice League Darkseid War: Grail

Following up on last night's post, Grail is the character at the center of darkness hinted to fall upon the DC Universe that was prophesized. She is the daughter of the Amazon Myrina Black and the Ultimate villain of the DC universe Darkseid himself and as you might imagine that is a powerful and devastating combination. 
Grail winds up making Steve Trevor her love slave and pet in this story arc. I've talked about how often Superman lucks out when it comes to getting dominated in his comic and cartoon incarnations but Steve Trevor can give him a run for his money. Between Wonder Woman, Cheetah, and Grail, Steve finds himself a woman's mercy quite a bit. ^_^
(These are from the Divergence comic oneshot, The Justice League Darkseid War Special and the New 52 Justice League series issues 41, 49 and 50)

Grail is pretty much a badass. Watching her take on the Justice during her appearance in Justice league was pretty much jaw dropping. If you're a DC comics fan... you know that Darkseid is one of the most powerful entities of the DC universe. He is a character that could bring Superman to his knees. Grail however owns Darkseid this story arc (literally). She not only arranges for the character to meet his demise. She proceeds to revive him making him a puppet to her will. Her mother clearly trained Grail really well in Amazon fighting techniques because she's able to go toe to toe with Wonder Woman in a fight and still take on the rest of the Justice league in the process. Not only does Grail possess superhuman strength and speed, she has her father's powerful Omega Beam attack. She's also quite intelligent as well making her incredibly tough to beat in a fight. O.O

I like Grail's appearance a lot. She has a really cool goth warrior look going. As a femdom fan, she's also a really appealing character because she dominates a lot of the characters she comes across. Hot!

Ok everyone. That's all for tonight. As always more to come soon!


  1. OH WOW I did not know Grail got any foot shots

    1. Yes. ^_^ It's great when they give us a scene of the hot character right away. ^_^ We really lucked out with Grail and Jessica Cruz getting to see them barefoot in their first story arcs. :-D