Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wrestle Angel Survivor: Mikoto Kusunagi

Ok our next Wrestle Angel Survivor character up is Mikoto Kusunagi
(Once again a Huge Thank You to Double A for her. ^_^)

Mikoto is known as "The Strongest Miko Legend" in the Ring. Her name is actually a cool pun because her profession is actual that of a Miko (a Japanese Priestess see the tributes for Kagome or Sailor Mars to get a better idea). Her last name Kusunagi is a Legendary Japanese sword. Mikoto is a sweet natured character. Her sheltered upbringing has her not used to dealing with people (particularly guys).

I mentioned in the last entry the Zettai Ryouiki trope. Mikoto is a Grade B meaning that her footwear (in this case her boots) goes up to her thighs just over her knees. ^_^ She also falls under the Stripperific trope due to the fact that her ingame events have her just wearing a towel. Hot!! Mikoto's finishes is a Uranage which is basically a type of Judo throw.

Ok guys that's all for today. As always though more to come soon!