Sunday, October 30, 2016

Darkstalkers: Felicia

Continuing with the Halloween Tie in, Tonight's post is a Tribute to the hot Catgirl Felicia from Darkstalkers.
(These are from the Darkstalkers movie. A Huge Thank you to Tadakatsu for sending these images in. ^_^)

Felicia is a character from the Darkstalkers fighting game. She's a catgirl who was raised at an orphanage and became a famous popstar. She very kindhearted and sweet donating the money she earned as a popstar to the Children's orphanage that she grew up in. In the ending of her 3rd game she even works at the orphanage herself. 

In terms of personality, Felicia is a optimistic and energetic character. As the Darkstalker wiki puts it, She is really friendly and enjoys singing and dancing and while shes's a skilled fighter... she's not the type of person to start a fight unless she is pushed into it. Her belief that Humans and Monsters can co-exists peacefully makes her stand out from the other Darkstalker characters who range from anti-heroes to villains. 

Some interesting trivia involving Felicia is that when she was introduced she had the biggest bust size of any female fighter of the time period including Mai Shiranui. According to the Darkstalkers wiki Felicia was also the first barefoot female.

As a Teen I played a lot of fighting games and as a result had a crush on female fighting game character. Felicia was definitely one the female fighters to attract my attention. She was really cute and she had a playful way of teasing the other characters in her victory dialogue. It was really hot! In one of the posts I did for Morrigan in the past, I joked about the dangers sucking Felicia's toes due to her sharp toenails. Her feet have actually depicted to be quite shapely in the movie though. I imagine that they are probably pretty soft.

Ok everyone that's all for tonight. Hope that you guys have a Happy Halloween and as always... more to come soon!!


  1. Nice :-) Even with the claws it's still pretty hot ;-)

    1. :-) Thanks HDS. Yeah sharp claws aside, Felicia is definitely pretty hot.

    2. No problemo :-) Ha ha, guess it depends how Masochistic you're feeling ;-)

  2. We need more Felicia in games I hope she's in mvc infinite