Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Green Lantern: Arisia

Just a quick post today. A tribute to another cute alien lantern Arisia.

(Just some webfinds for the character.)

I was googling Green Lantern women to see if there were any other attractive female characters from the series I could you guys. The top recommendation according to character lists was the blonde woman above. Arisia Rrab is a Green Lantern  from the planet Graxos IV and love interest for Hal Jordan. Her family has a history of serving the Corp and Arisia keeps up the tradition serving it bravely.

:-) I always have a weak spot for attractive blondes making Arisia go up pretty high on my hotness scale. Add onto that a revealing superheroine outfit and some exotic alien characteristics (Elven ears O.O) and she pretty much goes through the charts. I would definitely be happy to give this alien a foot massage if she ever visits this sector.

Ok I'm going to have to end this entry here. I probably won't be able to post or visit the site until late tomorrow evening. ^_^  Hope everyone has a good couple of days!



  1. She is always my favorite background Green Lantern, love her tomboyish look

    1. That's awesome Match. ^_^ She seems like a great character.