Friday, October 14, 2016

Lois Lane (Action Comics)

Hot off the press. Lois showed off her feet quite a bit in the most recent issue of Action Comics. ^_^
(These were capped from Action Comics #965. A Super-Sized Thank you to our Source The Warriors Three for reporting this scene. ^_^)

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The Current storyline for Lois in DC rebirth is that this version of her is the incarnation of the character from before Flashpoint. She's married to the pre new 52 Superman and they are raising a child together. The two of them have managed to escape to the current DC universe and have been living there for awhile now. The New 52 version of Lois appeared to have been killed off and the Pre-Flashpoint Lois is masquerading as her doppelganger. This issue reveals that the new 52  Lois tried to contact Pre-Flashpoint Lois before her death. Even more mysteriously,  Pre Flashpoint Lois is having dreams about the New 52 Lois asking her for help. O.O

If you guys have kept count, we've done about 13 posts dedicated to this character. :-) Lois is one of those women that is great all around. Not only is she really hot but she has a spunky personality that is fun to watch in action.  I have no doubt that she'll reappear here again in the future. ^_^

On that note... it's time to end the entry here. Have a great weekend Everybody!

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  1. Thank you for posting this so quick!! I've bee scouring the internet like crazy looking for these beautiful shots! When I walked into my comic shop I looked at the cover for this issue and my inner foot fetish sense made me open it and beautiful barefoot Lois Lane.

    1. :-) It's a great find. ^_^ Thank you so much again for it The Warriors Three.