Monday, October 3, 2016

Wrestler Angels Survivor: Mitsuki Sugiura

Continuing with the Wrestle Angel Survivor tributes... our next post is a tribute to Mitsuka Sugiura. ^_^
(Once again a Huge Thank you to Double A for her.)

Mitsuki is known as the "Fighting Computer" in the Ring. She is very smart and her wrestling style relies on strategy and she is very good at it. Her love of reading puts her into the Badass Bookworm Trope. :-) Mitsuki's personality is considered to fall under Sugar and Ice. She tends to be pretty stoic but seems to have a lighter side too. She balances out a trio of friends with her fellow wrestlers Kazuki Aiba and Noel Shirashi. Mitsuki's finishing move is an Achille's hold. The name of the attack says it all. This wrestler definitely knows how to take advantage of an opponent's weaknesses. ^_^

Another thing worth noting is that Mitsuki is mentioned in the Zettai Ryouiki trope. A trope that measures how much leg girls show when wearing socks and skirts. Mitsuki is listing in the trope as Grade A meaning she wears thigh high socks. :-D Hot!! In any case... this girl seems like a very cool character. Her personality and glasses makes it seem like she would be a fun character to be dominated by. ^_^ 

On that thought... it's time to end the entry her but as always... more to come soon!

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