Monday, October 10, 2016

Green Lantern: Lyssa Drak

Another Green Lantern Woman tonight. ^_^ This one is Sinestro Corp villainess Lyssa Drak. :-)

(Just some Various Webfinds of the Character. ^_^ A big thank you to Batman1 for introducing me to this character. ^_^ He actually wrote a story arc involving her for my Comic Book Women's Feet  interactive story if you guys are interested here.)

Lyssa is the book keeper for the Sinestro Corps (a group of Yellow Lanterns lead by Sinestro). The Yellow Lanterns goal is to create order in the Galaxy but their methods are extreme. Their powers are generated by fear so they instill fear in others often though brutal and cruel means. Lyssa's role in the Sinestro corps is to record the stories of the greatest members of the Sinestro Corps. She also trains and tests newer recruits. The book where she records the information chained to her body.

The great thing about Lyssa is that she is depicted barefoot pretty often. She also has an exotic look going being an Alien from Tarlok VII. As a villainess, it would  be pretty cool to be a footslave to her and get dominated by her feet on a regular basis. Since she already has chains attached to her. An extension of that might be for her to chain you to her feet so that you would be available to worship them whenever she needed you to. ^_^

On that hot thought I think I'll end the entry here but as always, more to come soon!


  1. I have an odd attraction to blue skin women XD, except for Mystique =0

    1. :-) Blue skinned women are nice. I think that the color blue in general has a relaxing effect. ^_^ It can make a person feel peaceful.

  2. what is with Blue Skin soles that are so hot?

    1. It's a good question. ^_^ I think the color accentuates the feeling of softness you get when you look at them. ^_^