Saturday, October 1, 2016

Dark Queens Poll

In honor of Halloween... This month's poll is dedicated to Dark Queen's feet. :-D While I was setting up this poll I also came across some Dark Queen images that were barefoot so that is the subject of tonight's poll as well. :-D

Another one from Deviant Art

Let's say a Dark Queen achieved her goals conquering the universe and she's made you her footslave on a whim.You're in for a life of worshipping her feet and catering to their every need. You are however given the option of choosing which Dark Queen's feet you would like to belong to... who would you want it to be? 

As with every poll... voting is anonymous and you don't need a Blogger account to vote. Please feel free to share your opinions. :-) If you guys have any suggestions for characters for this poll let me know and I'll try to add them. 

Have fun Everyone and as always more to come soon! :-D


  1. "Come to the Dark Side, our Queens are hotter." >:-)

    I also did some digging, the Queen in Snow White is sometimes given the given name Grimhilde and sometimes not, seems to be inconsistent at best lol. Just some fun trivia I guess.

    Question... Do you count Queen Bee? I almost feel like this one should be obvious. I clearly have an obsession lol

    1. :-D Lol.

      A good bit of Trivia. :-D Have to give a lot of props to the character as the archetype for sexy animated villainesses.

      I would definitely count her. Evil monarch. She fits the category well. :-D

    2. :-)

      Yup lol. Indeed ^_^

      Ha ha. How'd you forget that one then? (Also you should use the one picture I sent a while back that looks like she's posing for a photoshoot xD)

    3. To add her to the poll I mean. Forgot to mention that lol

    4. :-)

      Yeah she's probably the Queen closest to home. :-)

      Alright I added her in. ^_^

    5. That's why I held off on voting lol. Though for me Mao is a close second, she's probably the only nice one on the entire list lol

      Time Wizardddddddd! Yeah not the same effect as Khannnnnnn! xD

    6. :-D

      Lol Yay for the classic Star Trek reference. ^_^

  2. Maybe October should be like a villianess month just my 2 cents worth

    1. That's a good idea. Definitely at least we should try to do a couple of posts dedicated to them since they fit in well with Halloween. ^_^