Friday, October 7, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Riyu Kikuchi

Ok... Tonight's post is Riyu (Aeriel) Kikuchi. ^_^
(Once again a Big Thank You to Double A for all of these. ^_^)

Riyu has been present in every Wrestle Angels Survivor game since the first one. ^_^ It's understandable why she's so popular. She's the type of fighter who doesn't know the meaning of the words give up. She'll keep going even if the odds are heavily against her which gives her the reputation in the ring as the "Kamikaze Fighter". If she is losing in a battle you can bet this character is not going to throw in the towel... she's taking you down with her. ^_^; It's hard to believer a girl this cute could be so determined. :-D Because she's been in multiple games, Riyu has more than one Finishing move. She uses a DDTs, Frankensteiners and Diving Headbutts to take down her opponent. 

The headband (hachimaki) that Riyu wears (you can't see it in a lot of these pics because they focus on her swimsuit scenes) causes her to remind me of Sakura from Street Fighter. Her headband the focus of one of her private events in the games where she gets the player's character the president to buy her a new one for luck. Like a lot of these character in this series of Tributes Riyu falls under the Badass adorable category being both cute and a strong fighter. Neat!! ^_^  


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