Monday, October 3, 2016

Wrestle Angels Survivor: Kazumi Fujiwara

Ok... Continuing Round 3 of the Wrestle Angel Survivor character posts. Here is a Tribute to the sexy wrestler Kazumi Fujiwara.

(Once again a Tremendous Thank you to Double A for Collecting and organizing the tributes for all these women in the game)

Kazumi is known as the "Grappling Heroine" in the Ring. Her Catch Phrase is "Friendship, Guts and Effort". She dreams is being a heroine that children can look up to and she makes sure to reply to children who write to her to inspire them. Seeing herself as a heroine she adheres to the ideology that good will always triumph which is definitely very inspiring. ^_^

Sadly Kazumi's foot content is really limited. As the caps above will attest... we just get glimpses of her soles. I just wish the artists behind the first and thirteenth image had chosen to reveal the rest of her foot. She's still definitely hot enough to carry a tribute on her own and I'm happy to give the character an individual tribute. Just to make sure that you guys don't go through foot withdrawal though... I'm double posting tonight to increase the barefoot image count. Another Wrestler to come in a little bit. ^_^

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