Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan: Group Shots

Ok closing out the Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan series... all the women from this tribute are back for one final set of images. Yup it's group shots this time around. ^_^

(Once again a Tremendous Thank You to Double A for sending in the pictures for this series.)

I think I'm definitely going to need a cold shower after this one. ^_^

A bit of a side question guys. Halloween is coming up and there are a couple of tributes I want to do in honor of the holiday. We have 6 days of October left though... are there any good Halloween themed suggestions that you want to see?

Ok guys that's all for tonight.Tomorrow I'll start a new set for you guys. ^_^

Until next time!


  1. The perfect final end the group of the girls. ^_^

    Awesome a Halloween species there is one i like to see again the girl from blood c Saya.

    And here a woman who a wolf her name is Riza Wildman i have to find the name of the show and episode for you. :-D

    1. :-D Thanks Dean. ^_^

      O_O Those are great recommendations. Saya I may not be able to get in time for Halloween. I think she has at least 4 episodes and a movie. Bambino did a tribute to her in the past but the images for it got deleted. He'll probably repost her eventually.

      Riza I can probably get. I think her anime is Princess Resurrection. I know she is barefoot in episode 4. If you know any other episodes involving her feet... just let me know.

    2. O.O Great. Thanks so much Dean.

    3. I found some of Riza episode 18 and episode 19

    4. O.O Ok will cap those. Thanks so much again for going through the series and recommending these Dean.

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  3. Very awesome! I loved seeing the bottoms of Mikuru's feet, but I do wish Kyon's little sister had more shots.

    1. :-D Mikuru is really cute. Yeah the more barefoot moments the better. ^_^

    2. Absolutely. Hopefully, Kyon's little sister has some scenes in the base series.

  4. Great set of photos. Also, I can't really decide which one of these ladies looks good in a bikini. I guess it really doesn't make any difference, right?