Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Justice League Darkseid War: Myrina Black

Ok this one is a rare character from recent comics. Myrina Black a woman who plays a prominent role in the Justice League comic book's Darkseid War arc.
(These were capped from DC comics Divergence One Shot, Justice League 41, 42 and 50 and the Darkseid War Special Issue)

Myrina is an Amazon assassin. She had a child the same day that Queen Hypolyta gave birth to Diana (Wonder Woman). Myrina's child however was prophesized to bring about destruction to the world. Rather than allow her fellow amazons to put the child to death. Myrina escaped with the child and raised it hoping that being a good mother to the child would cause the prophesy to be averted.

Myrina is a very strong character as these pictures of her will attest. How many women do you know that would be able to take down amazon warriors right after giving birth. You can tell she's quite the adept warrior. If you read the comics you also know that she is a strong mother that would do anything for her child. ^_^ 

Ok that's it for tonight everyone. As always more to come soon!


  1. Great post, I have this issue and I always love when writers manage to include barefoot women. FYI in the most recent issue of Action Comics, there are some great foot/sole shots of Lois Lane. Someone should post those ;)

    1. Thanks. Yeah it really great when writers manage to include barefoot women in their stories. O.O I'll definitely try and post that. Thanks so much for the tip. ^_^