Saturday, October 29, 2016

iZombie: Liv Moore / Gwen Dylan

Let's continue with a little bit of the Halloween tributes tonight. Usually female Zombies aren't known to be all that attractive however the iZombie lead is a rare exception. ^_^  The comic and television series differ drastically you get two incarnations of the character.
Liv Moore
For those of you not familiar with the CW show. The main character Liv Moore (there's a pun there) is a med student that was turned into a zombie. She quickly finds out that she needs brains to survive so she gets a job as a mortician. When she eats a person's brains she gains the memories/personality traits of the person's brain she's eaten. She uses that to solve the mystery of how that person might have died. It's a weird premise but it's a fun show. ^_^
One episode of iZombie has Liv getting a foot rub from another Zombie she was dating. ^_^
Season 1 Episode 8 in case you guys are wondering. ^_^
Liv is a cool character very smart and Charming. She is played by actress Rose McIver, A cute New Zealand Hottie. Rose is also famous for another popular series that has the potential to be featured on the site so chances are you'll see her feet again in the future. ^_^

Gwen Dylan
As mentioned. The comic book incarnation differs quite a bit from the TV version. In the Vertigo comic, the main character's name is Gwen Dylan (also a pun). She has the same problem as Liv of needing to eat brains regularly in order to retain human memories and intelligence. If she doesn't she tells in the a mindless Zombie. Similar to Liv, Gwen gains the memories and some of the abilities of the person whose brain she ate.
In the comics. Gwen's occupation is a Grave Digger. She uses her abilities to carry out the final wishes of the deceased person whose brain she ate.  
Ok guys that's all for tonight. More Halloween fun still to come this month. ^_^

Until Next Time Everyone!

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