Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chobits 3 (Bonus)/New Poll of the Month

Well...I'm still working on Sakura, but here is a hot bonus to hold you guys over...The last of the Chobits wallpapers Mr. E collected. This time Chii isn't the focus for these pics. Enjoy Guys!!

(Thanks very much for these Mr. E)

I have to say that I really like the first picture (depicting the character Freya) very much. That Robot looks really hot. I also like the second picture too and a wide variety of fantasies involving those witches' feet are running through my mind.

Speaking of Foot Fetish Fantasies, I added a brand new poll of the month (a real one this time ^_^) allowing everyone to pick the foot fetish scenario they like the most involving their favorite Anime/Cartoon (you can use videogame and comic books too) girl's feet. Say your favorite girl is Sailor Mars (Just an example guys ^_^) basically get to decide whether you would prefer to worship her feet, massage herfeet, tickle her feet, get dominated by her feet, smell her feet, become her footslave, have her use you as a footstool, give her a pedicure, get transformed into her footwear, or get shrunken down and made into her tiny foot pet. I tried to give you a wide variety with this one but if I missed any hot situations, let me know. ;-)

As is anonymous and you don't even need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd really love to find out what your opinions are.

Ok everyone...I'll try to post Sakura soon. Have a great day everybody!!


  1. Too bad you didn't add the Hot Water Bottle option, but oh well.

  2. O_O I completely forgot about that one. ^_^;

  3. It's okay. Lots of people probably aren't too familiar with this practice. Maybe it could be an idea for a future poll?