Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lucky Star: Twins (Bonus)

Well...it's not a gum commercial but it is definitely double your pleasure with two hot purple haired girls for the price of one!!! Yup it's Kagami and Tsukasa's turn to shine. Enjoy guys!!

(A huge thanks to Spoonorca for this awesome combination of caps and webfinds)

Here's a little bit more involving these two:

I started watching this series earlier in the week (I'm only up to episode 3) and can't get over how different these sisters are in terms of personality. Kagami seems more studious and outspoken while Tsukasa seems more laid back and spacey. Both of them are really fun to watch!! It's also really cool that both of them are Left handed.

Ok everyone!! These Lucky Star bonuses come to their dramatic conclusion next. Stay tuned!! ;-)


  1. It's funny how twins girls often look cute, no? :D

  2. four identical soles (drools) the only way that could be beat would be Nico Robin and her great ability

  3. I know what are they talking about in picture #3! It's about anime girls' feet!!

  4. *chuckles* That's funny Juancho.

    I like the second picture too Mr. E

  5. Good pictures. The Twins are always Cute and funny, and as much as I can see them BareFoot, they have very nice Feet indeed