Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lucky Star: Minami (Bonus)

Alright...the next Lucky Star girl up is Minami. Disclaimer: This post contains a dangerously high level of cuteness...Viewer beware!!!

(Thanks once again to Spoonorca for finding this picture as well as the rest of the girls in this set.)

Wikepedia actually described Minami's hair as mint colored. O_O As if green hair didn't make this girl seem irresistable enough, they had to go and associate her with candy. This picture just pushes the cuteness level to the max taking this already adorable character and giving her cute ears and a tail. To top it off she's wearing a school girl outfit and blushing. *shivers from cuteness overload*'s probably going to take me a few weeks to recover from all that cuteness but considering the amount of Lucky Star girls left to post, I probably won't get the chance to recoup. *Sighs* No rest for the weary I guess...more Lucky Star action ahead guys!!


  1. darn those barefoot cat girls, they are just too powerful

  2. Hope to see some more of Minami. She is one of my favorites on that show, I think she reminds me a little bit of Sakaki from Azumanga. She looks like she has good Feet too