Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Seven of Nine (Bonus)

Ok...It's time to come clean. As most of you probably guessed I'm not really closing up anime feet in favor of posting the Star Trek girls. ^_^ That was all just part of an elaborate April Fool's Day prank. :-D While I am a bit of a Trekkie, I wouldn't really do that to you guys. So...starting tommorow, I'll go back to posting Anime, Cartoon, Videogame and Comic book girls etc again. ^_^ However, Just to finish off the women of Star Trek, I have one last bonus for you...The sexy borg member of the Voyager Crew Seven of Nine. Enjoy!!

(All of these are webfinds from various locations. The pictures of Seven in the pink dress are from the Voyager episode "Equinox part 2" and the Screen caps of Seven's actress Jeri Ryan in bed are from Boston Public clips I got from the Mousepad. The rest of these are webfinds from various places including another picture of the hot actress. Once again a massive thanks to Fox for helping me out with all the Star Trek bonuses including this one)

If I was playing by normal rules and only posting a tribute to the poll winner, it's a safe bet that all I would have to do to prepare for it was collect pictures of Seven of Nine way in advance. This woman is almost guaranteed to win every time because even none trekkies know her name. While the trek universe definitely has its share of hotties, none of them are as popular as this sexy borg. Sporting a hot skintight jumpsuit that accentuates her gorgeous body and some very unborg like high heeled boots (which drives any foot fetishist wild), this borg is the epitomy of fanservice. Resistance is Futile...long live the Queen.

Ok that will do it for the Star Trek girls. I hope you guys liked my April Fool's Day prank. :-D *Phew* 9 bonuses back to back is exhausting. Who knew pranking could be so hard?

I'll post the results of both polls (the championship as well as the joke poll) in a little bit. I'll also post a new poll of the month soon.

Well...looks like it is time to revert the site back to normal. *Taps combadge* Anime to beam up!!!


  1. LOL I have to hand it to you, King... you really played it to the hilt. To be fair though, I never realized there were so many foot scenes in Star Trek. But that Janeway post though made me cringe... ^_^ Glad to have Anime Feet back. Till next April, I guess...

  2. Thanks Sole...I don't think I'll ever be able to top this one but I guess I have a year to plan. :-D