Monday, April 13, 2009

Lucky Star: Konata (Bonus) Updated

Edit:Thanks to some webfinding from Spoonorca...I was able to add a couple of cool new Konata fanart pictures hot off the press. Enjoy Guys!! ^_^

Ok the next Lucky Star Girl up is none other than the main character of the series herself the cute blue-haired girl Konata Isumi.

(Once again a huge thanks to Spoonorca for capping these pictures)

I was planning to post Konata with the Lucky Star twins Kagami and Tsukasa earlier on...but Spoonorca requested that I hold off until he finished capping the rest of the series. Waiting really paid off big time, because as far as Konata is concerned, there was a ton of awesome foot related material that occured later on in the series.

Of all the Lucky Star girls, Konata seems to have the most foot scenes. My favorite pictures are the close-ups on her socked soles. ^_^

Ok...I'm not quite done with the Lucky Star anime just yet. Two more exciting bonuses to come.


  1. lazy artists and curse those socks

  2. These sure are some memorable moments. :)

  3. I watched the first episode of Lucky Star yesterday. The way the cartoon is structured sort of reminds me of Azumanga Daioh.

  4. is it because everyone is hyper and its filled with girls with weird quirks?

  5. it seems the only time they werent lazy drawing was when she was wearing socks. but at least we got that

  6. Yup...the characters are hyper with distinctive quirks of their own and also because the show seems to divide up into short comedic segments.

    I thought exactly the same thing Mr. E.

    Yeah Match, I like these new pictures too. My new favorite is the 2nd one down where I would definitely love to trade places with Kagami.

  7. mines the first one, how her soles are in the air and how see is looking at the camera its like she is tempting us to play with them

  8. oh yeah definitely the first one

  9. Before any of the other Lucky Star cast characters came along, Konata was (And still is) one of my favorite characters in the series. And she does has a lot of BareFoot moments, which is what I like most aboot her cause she has such Cute Feet