Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Ensign Hoshi Sato (Bonus) kick off the exciting new theme of this site, here is a tribute...the hot Asian communications officer Hoshi Sato from the prequel Star Trek series "Enterprise". Enjoy guys!!

(These are a collection of webfinds from various sources. A huge thanks to the blogger Fox for finding a really hot cap of Hoshi barefoot from the episode "In a Mirror Darkly Part 2" and leading me to a cool Star Trek website where a lot of my upcoming bonus pictures will probably come from. I also tossed in a couple of pictures of Hoshi's actress Linda park into the mix as well)

Hoshi is really cute. She can speak over 40 languages and has helped the Enterprise out of many a jam throughout the series. She is instrumental in developing the language translation systems that the future based series take for granted. Basically beauty and brains. ^_^

Another interesting sidefact is that Hoshi has a cool evil counterpart (Empress Sato) intent on dominating the universe. (Some of the pics from that episode are posted) Sounds hot right?

Sadly Enterprise was cancelled before Hoshi's personality really got a chance to develop and she wasn't featured nearly enough. Such a shame. T_T

Ok...with so many Star Trek babes left to post just, I'm just getting started. On that note more to come soon!!

Live Long and Prosper Everyone!!


  1. no one can resist a pair of asian feet

    just curious, since u posted them are u going to change the poll as everyone is voting towards (including myself) are u serious?

    also i thought this sight was anime/cartoon feet only. only on special occasions like the voice actress of the character would be posted

  2. Don't worry...This one day only poll will be a freebie Match. I'll try to post every girl in it so it doesn't really matter which option you vote for. ;-) Although it is a chance for fans of a particular Star Trek girl to show them some love if they want to.

    Yeah, its true, I've only posted live woman on special occasion like voice actresses and the olympics. Have you figured out the special occasion behind these sets yet? :-D