Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lucky Star: Miyuki (Bonus)

The reign of the Lucky Star girls continue. Next up is Miyuki Takara. ^_^

(Huge thanks to Spoonorca for finding this really cool swimsuit picture of her)

So what makes this girl a cool character. Well...she's really smart and the president of her class. She also seems like a very sweet character and I really admire someone that loves reading (something I enjoy doing too). In terms of looks, Miyuki reminds me a little of the teacher in Onegai Sensei but that's probably only because of her glasses and light red (pink) hair.

An interesting sidenote is that Japanese actually has a term to refer to glasses wearing females like Miyuki. They are called Meganekko. Apparently, it is pretty complimentary. I guess wearing glasses can be considered pretty hot. ^_^

Ok everyone, that will do it for now but more Lucky Stars Girls to come soon!!


  1. "I guess wearing glasses can be considered pretty hot." ^_^

    That makes two of us. :) Did I say two? Excuse me, I mean three. ;)

  2. Ok, I couldn't avoid Miyuiki-san, she's perfect eye candy, and another one of my top favorites, especially since she also wears glasses :3

  3. Thanks for all the comments ChristineFan241. I'm really glad that you like her. Miyuki is such a cute character and a really sweet girl as well. :-D Yeah...glasses make a really attractive accessory. :-)