Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Jadzia Dax

Ok...Next up is the incredibly beautiful Jadzia Dax. Enjoy guys!!

(These are a combination of webfinds from all over. The actual episode screencaps are from the Deep Space 9 episodes "Change of Heart", "Looking for Parmach" and "Equilibrium" and once again I have Fox to thank for them. The rest of these are webfinds of Jadzia's actress Terry Farrell I collected from scouring various locations on the net over the last couple of years including the imfamous mousepad. The pedicure scene I believe was capped from the movie "Beverly Hills Madame")

Jadzia Dax is easily one of the more beautiful Star Trek babes. She's tall, slender and has an amazing piercing stare. With lifetimes of memories and experiences at her disposal, this girl has variety of skills from Klingon combat to science. Plus compared to the hotheaded characters Deep Space 9 is full of, this character adds a refreshing sense of calmness to the show.

Sadly, she's also one of the few main characters to get killed off on the show and it definitely felt like something was missing during DS9 remaining seasons. T_T

Ok as much as I would like to just relax and imagine Jadzia rubbing her big, beautiful feet in my face, there's still many more Star Trek women to post. On that note...more to come soon!!

Live Long and Prosper everyone!!


  1. Dax is my all-time favorite Trek character because she's so adventurous. And her spots were cute!

  2. Great pictures of Jadzia-you should also do Ezri (Nicole DeBoer)

  3. Ezri? I'll see if I can find something for her.