Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Major Kira

You have to wonder if someone on Star Trek's writing team has a foot fetish because massages seem to happen pretty frequently. Here is one such example wher Deep Space 9's Major Kira gets her feet rubbed. O_O

(These pictures of Kira are from the DS9 episodes "Covenant" and "Looking for Parmach". A huge thanks to Fox for suppling these webfinds. I wouldn't have been able to post Kira without him.)

Kira is one of my favorite Star Trek girls too. Like B'Ellana she's a former resistance fighter and has a quick temper and fiery personality. However, she seems a lot less moody than B'Ellana is making her a little more fun to be around. She still has a bit of a bossy/dominating side to her which just makes her a more effective first officer for the space station. Since she's on her feet all day wearing boots, it comes as no surprise that she would enjoy a good footrub. O'Brian really lucked out that episode.

Similar to Hoshi, Kira has a cool evil counterpart as well known as the "Intendant". This counterpart really rocks. In contrast to Kira who is usually pretty serious, the Intendant is a lot more playful and seems really into sex game and domination. She probably would really enjoy having a personal footslave. :-D I really have to give Kira's actress Nana Visitor a nod of respect for playing the role so wildly differently. The Mirror episodes involving her were some of my favorite Deep Space 9 episodes.

No matter which version of this character it is, I'd definitely love to worship this sexy Bajoran's feet.

Ok...that will do it for Major Kira but there's definitely a lot more Star Trek girls ahead.

Stay tuned everyone and Live Long and Prosper!!


  1. Nice April Fools joke almost scared me for a moment

  2. Throughout the DS9 series, Bajoran priests frequently cup their right hand around someone's left ear to gauge the strength of their "pagh".

    You may be interested to know that originally, the pagh was going to be sensed through one's feet instead of their ear. They probably changed it at the last minute to avoid having the series associated with foot fetishists.

  3. Here's another good pic of Kira's feet (episode 3x08, Meridian)

  4. You busted me Carl. ^_^

    That definitely would have been an interesting way of carrying out that tradition Fox. *chuckles* I remember what happened in that Meridian episode. ^_^ Thanks very much for that picture.