Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: B'Ellana Torres up with have the sexy Klingon officer from Star Trek Voyager Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres starring in the person sitting next to her's daydream.

(These are more webfinds. A huge thanks to Fox for showing me the site (trekcore) were I got these from. The Footsie scene is from the voyager episode "Tinker, Tenor, Soldier, Spy" and I also tossed in a facial shot of B'Ellana from the episode "Equinox")

I really like B'Ellana a lot. I have to give huge props to her writers and actress (Roxanne Dawson) for bringing such a feisty character to life. This girl is always fun to watch. Despite behind really tough with a quick temper to match (thanks to her Klingon DNA), B'Ellana is both smart and surprisingly sensitive. After becoming stranded in the Delta Quadrant this former resistance fighter steps into the role of the Ship's engineer becoming charged with the ever crucial task of keeping the ship together something she manages to do for 7 seasons.

Despite, having a somewhat dominating personality, she has shown time and time again to really care about her crewmates and fight fiercely to protect them. She's definitely the type of girl that I would want in my corner. I know that I'd be daydreaming about her playing footsie with me too. :-D

Ok onto the next girl.

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