Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lucky Star: Yutaka (Bonus)

*Takes a deep breath*After last night's post, I really don't know if I could take anymore cuteness. Well...I guess I can relax, there's no way anything can be cuter than that Minami picture from last night. I mean what could possibly be beat those ears and a tail? ^_^ Anyway, next up is the strawberry hair colored Yutaka.

(Once again a huge thanks to Lucky Stars fan Spoonorca for finding these really cool pictures on the web)

*Blinks* *Blinks again* *Rubs eyes and blinks several times* Did Minami somehow manage to slip into second picture? Are they wearing kimonos? Is Yutaka getting a piggy back ride?!! Is she giving us a nice view of both her soles in that first picture?!!!!!! *Rubs forehead and sighs* It really going to be a long couple of days.

I love how her flip flop is broken in the second picture providing a reason for the piggy back ride. It's a nice extra detail. ^_^

Anyway, more Lucky Star girls to come soon!!


  1. Such cute little toes. :) I love the one where Yutaka's in her jeans the most.

  2. hey guys,the 4th instalment of Quintet of Darkness is up,why don't you check it out.

  3. Wow i love this, i have to disagree with kyle though i like the second one better. it shows of her cute arches

  4. I like Yutaka, She is just so Adorable! And she has such Great Feet, she just makes my hand shake, I'd love to feel her Feet and Massage them so much (I tend to ramble on when I see a nice pair of Feet)