Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: T'Pol's yet another Star Trek foot massage...this time the sexy Vulcan T'Pol from Enterprise is on the recieving end. O.O

(Yet another series of webfinds including an awesome scene from the Enterprise episode Simulatude from Fox. (Thanks man) Tossed into the mix is a hot webfind of T'Pol's actress Jolene Blalock.)

Vulcans are awesome and T'Pol is one of the best. Not only is she hot, she's got the brains to match plus a cool Icy demeanor and a great dry sense of humor (no one sneaks in sarcasm like her ^_^). In the show this female Vulcan is an irreplaceable part of the Enterprise's crew serving triple duty of Science officer, Second in command and liason ambassador between Earth and Vulcan. She's almost always the one to draw in the viewers attention no matter who else is in the scene with her. I remember watching the Enterprise pilot and eventhough she was to the side of four other vulcans. I could tell right away that she was the one that would be a part of the main cast. She's definitely one of Enterprise's best characters. ^_^

Ok everyone, there's still a lot more of these future girls ahead as break in this new Star Trek blog. By the time I'm done you'll hope I never go back to anime. Check back in a little bit!!

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  1. Wow i cant beleive you actualy found a shot of MU t'pol. pretty rare find