Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Counselor Troi (Bonus)

One last Star Trek foot massage for everyone...the attractive Counselor Deanna Troi. Enjoy!!

(I capped this foot massage scene involving Troi from a couple of Mousepad clips that were posted a few years back so I didn't know what the title of this episode was until Fox told me this morning. It turns out they are from "The Price". The first and last pictures are webfinds from Trekcore.)

Whoever that guy is massaging her feet, he's really lucky!!!

Like Dr. Crusher, I had a huge crush on Counselor Troi in my teens. This girl is pretty and for most of the series she wears a skin tight outfit that gives you a really cool view of her body (although it is pretty modest compared to Seven of Nine's but with more Cleavage though). In fact one of the worst things that Jellico did when he replaced Captain Picard briefly in "Chain of Command" on the Enterprise was make Troi wear a normal starfleet uniform earning him the hatred of Trek fans everywhere. Troi has the ability to read people's mind making her extremely useful in her role as the ship's counselor. Also her home planet of Betazed is a society of dominant women. Hot right?

An interesting sidenote is that Troi's actress Marina Sirtus also does the voice of the villainess Demona from the Gargoyles cartoon. Actually a lot of other Star Trek veterans lend their voices to that cartoon as well. last Star Trek left to post, can you guess who it will be?


  1. I just did some more digging to discover these were from "The Price". Excellent find.

  2. This scene caught me by surprise as well the first time I saw it posted on the mousepad a while back. Thanks for letting me know the episode title. ^_^

  3. has pic of troi big sexy feet in top right corner