Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Dr. Beverly Crusher (Bonus)

Regretably, Dr. Beverly Crusher doesn't get a foot massage during her series but we're given a first hand close-up of her getting a pedicure. Enjoy guys!!

(As Fox correctly pointed out, these are from the episodes "Subrosa" and "The Host". I also have to thank him for leading me to the Subrosa caps. The Pedicure scene and picture of Crusher's actress Gates Mcfadden I got from surfing the web.)

I used to have a huge Crush on this good Doctor when The Next Generation aired in my teens. She really pretty and has a great personality. I'm glad that after a noticeable absence during the second season, the producers decided to bring her back in the third.

One thing that my father would love to joke about was that Dr. Crusher had the worst possible name for a doctor. If you had a broken leg...would you want to take it to a Dr. Crusher?

Anyway, even a decade later, I still think this woman still quite the hottie.


  1. I don't recall a pedicure scene with Dr. Crusher. I initially thought these screenshots were from some other production, but then I spotted the Starfleet insignia in the background.

  2. The screenshot with the green energy seems to be from the episode "Sub Rosa".

  3. Aha! With a little digging, I discovered these shots were from "The Host". Wow, never knew that scene existed.

  4. Yeah. Sorry about not posting the caption ^_^; I was rushing to try to post the rest of the girls before the day was over. I'll go back and put it in now.

    This was one of my favorite scenes. In my teens I had a bit of a crush on the good Doctor.