Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Lt. Uhura

No Star Trek tributes would be complete without a tribute to the classic Star Trek babe Lt. Uhura. ^_^

(I actually didn't have anything for Uhura but in an amazing stroke of luck, my fellow Star Trek fan Fox sent me an extremely rare barefoot moment from the Star Trek Movie: The Final Frontier just a couple of hours ago. Thanks very much man. ^_^ The rest of these are just webfinds of Uhura in uniform.)

Star Trek is famous for breaking through social boundaries and having the hot African American communications officer Uhura is a huge example of this. As the leading female role of the classic Star Trek television series, Uhura is a memorable member of the crew despite having a relatively small amount of appearances.

I also really like her uniform a lot too. That stockings and boots combinations rocks. Taking into account Catwoman's leather jumpsuit, those 1960 costume designers sure knew how to deliver. If anything else, you gotta give Uhura props for sporting a red shirt and managing to having no near death experiences during her tenure on the Enterprise. :-)

Ok that will do it for now but with several more Star Trek Woman left to tribute, it a safe bet to say more to come soon!!


  1. Just saw a really awesome scene involving the new Uhura taking her boots (as well as some other articles of clothing off) in the new Star Trek movie I'll try to post that here too.

  2. I'm surprised there are no posts about the new Wonder Woman animated film... they do an awesome job of drawing her bare feet while in costume during a fight in the city with a demon.

    And I love Uhura. I wish Nichelle had gotten to take off her boots in the series like in the new movie!

    Check out my blog entries on Weena of the Time Machine and Altaira from Forbidden Planet, on
    Beautiful bare feet there!

    Not that I have a fetish, but I appreciate them.

  3. Nice to meet a fellow Trekkie. ^_^ Oh yeah I'm definitely going to have to post the Wonder Woman scene eventually. I really loved that fight.

    Uhura rocks!!! When I saw that scene in the new movie my jaw dropped. Yeah it would have really cool if Nichelle did that too. ^_^

    Sure...I'll definitely check it out. ^_^