Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Trek Feet: Kes's another Star Trek massage. This time the recipient is the cute Ocampan Kes from Star Trek Voyager.

(I have to once again thank Fox for finding this foot rub scene involving her from the Voyager episode "Elogium" as well as the location for most of these webfinds (I tossed in one of her actress Jennifer Lien because I thought she looked hot with long hair). Without his help Kes would have been yet another Star Trek girl that I skipped over.)

The guy massaging her feet is the same guy B'Ellana was playing footsie with in the earlier set. Robert Picardo is one lucky actor.

Kes is really cool. Eventhough she only has a 9 year lifespan, she has an awesome range of telepathic powers to make up for it. Kes' personality is adorably sweet. She's a really caring person working as both the ship's botanist and nurse. It's just sad that Kes didn't stick around after Seven of Nine joined the cast. The two of them could have made the ultimate blonde hotness combo.

Ok...don't go anywhere cause there's more Star Trek action ahead. See you guys soon!!


  1. Check out more of Jennifer Lien's feet in the movie American History X as Ed Norton tickles them in a scene.

  2. O_O I'll have to check that movie out. Thanks for the tip Lionel.