Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Shizune (Bonus)

The bonus was long overdue. Tsunade's cute apprentice is really hot and she definitely deserves a proper tribute to her feet!!

(These were taken from the original Naruto anime episodes 85-87 and episode 97 (where those awesome barefoot close-ups are from) as well Naruto Shippuuden episodes 94 and 104. A huge thanks to fellow Naruto fans Kiddo and Hinata-chan for letting me know about an extremely rare barefoot Shizune scene)

I really like Shizune alot. In addition to being an attractive and intelligent and sweet woman, this lady is probably the most hardworking Ninja in all of Konoha. It's not unheard of for Konoha ninjas to pull double duty (just look at Ino who works a flower shop as well), but Shizune goes well beyond that working as the 5th hokage's personal assistant, a medical ninja, and team leader. Assisting the somewhat impulsive Tsunade itself would be a full time job but to be able to juggle it with medical duties and active ninja have to wonder whether this woman is Supergirl.

After running around on her feet all day, Shizune would probably jump at the chance to receive foot rub. She'd probably even let you worship her feet if you do a good job. ^_^ And on that positive thought, it's time to bring this entry to an end but as usual, more to come soon!!


  1. Great stuff! Shizune is awesome. Shizune's (and Tsunade's) footwear are impractical for ninja but relatively hotter than the usual Naruto shoe- the caps are great, nice closeups of this kunoichi's lovely feet. ^_^

  2. I was wondering when you'd discover these scenes. :)

    Shizune being a Supergirl? Could be.

  3. they do need to give this lovely ninja a nice sole shot, oh and KSC they have a close up shot of her toes in i believe near the end of 105 of Shippuuden

  4. yes but she isn't the only one who needs a nice sole shot, well ino, kurenai, hinata needs a nice one too but sad there isn't alot of barefoot scenes of those kunoichi's. ^^

  5. just like the Bleach series, this too needs a beach arc where all the girls show off their soles at least once through it

  6. Thanks guys. Yeah Sole Keeper, its interesting that Shizune and Tsunade wear the same style of footwear. I wonder if both go shoe shopping together. ^_^

    Yeah she's really like the ultimate assistant Kyle. Talk about amazing multitasking ability.

    Just finished capping the shot in 105 Match. ^_^ Thanks for letting me know about it. Also a nice bit of fan service involving Ino in the ending clip. :-D

    Yeah T_T ...I'd love to see a sole shot of those women too Hinata-Chan. In fact I would even settle for a nice close-up on Ino's bare feet.

    It true Match. A beach episode would definitely rock. ^_^

  7. Well seeing the preview for episode 107, there is a scene of Ino, TenTen, Shizune, Sakura and probably Hinata barefoot at Yamato's wood house (i think so) taking care of Yuukimaru. Well i hope there's a good shot of those hot kunoichi's feet (espacially Hinata's i've been waiting for a good shot of her soles ^^)

  8. O_O I'm definitely looking forward to episode 107 now Hinata-Chan. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  9. they dont give a lot of sole shots but at least they gave good shots of shizune's toes

  10. There are quite a number of scene of Sakura and Ino barefoot in episode 107 and there's even a sole shot in one of the scenes.

  11. *Celebrates wildly* I can't wait to cap this one.

    Ino and Sakura showing their soles at the same time is really too much awesomeness to handle. ^_^

    Thanks very much for the tip Hinata -Chan.

  12. which scene of episode 107 hinata-chan?

  13. Arjun it's Shippuden 107 the scene in which they were healing yuukimaru

    sigh... why didn't they show a close up of Hinata's beautiful feet in this episode wish in the later episodes there's a close up of her soles