Sunday, April 1, 2018

Animaniacs Minerva Mink (Part 1)

This is another really popular Furry character. The show Animaniacs didn't shy away from releasing characters that pushed the limits in what was considered appropriate for a children's cartoon (i.e. Pigeons modeled after Italian Gangster stereotypes or Megalomaniac mice). They went a little bit too far with Minerva Mink. The character's shtick was that she was so sexy that other characters would become enamored with her. She would often be in situations designed to raise the temperature of the room such as wearing a towel or taking a both which wind up causing Network censors to give the Animaniacs producers several notes regarding this character and Minerva's appearances were cut back. Since this is a fetish site though we celebrate characters like this so let's post as many scenes of her that we can find... 
(These are from the Animaniacs Short Moon over Minerva)

This episode involves Minerva being hit on by a dorky wolf named Wilford. She isn't really interested in him thinking that he is too geeky to date. It turns out though that Wilford is a werewolf who becomes a hunk when he sees the full moon changing the dynamic between the two characters significantly. :-D