Monday, April 2, 2018

Sonic X Characters

Ok everyone in case it wasn't obvious... yes Animal Feet was this year's April Fool's Day prank. :-D We do post Antropormophic characters from time to time but we definitely don't post them exclusively. That said... here is one last set of ... Animal Feet tributes for you... The winner of Yesterday's Anthro Poll along with some female Character from the series. ^_^
(A Special Thanks to JTurner and SonicRanger for sending in and recommending these scenes and images)

Fanart of Amy sent in by Match: 

There are a couple of women in this post. One of course is Amy Rose, another is Cream the Rabbit, the third is a girl from the series named Frances and the last is Agent Topaz. All of them are great characters.

Ok guys... Been a long weekend and I'm calling it a night. ^_^ I know the posts were coming in really rapidly in the last 24 hours. I was just trying to take full advantage of prank while it was in effect and post every furry I could think of. I'll probably touch up a lot of these post, add in the bios and analysis for each of the characters as well as additional caps and material I can find for them.

Also be sure to check out some of the posts the other bloggers did yesterday as well. I know that it is possible some of these might have gotten missed in the shuffle.

Flynn did a Supernatural Scooby Doo Crossover Post
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Ok everyone...I guess that does it Animal Feet. I hope you enjoyed this prank and as always more to come soon!

*Snaps Fingers to Revert the Site Back to Normal*


  1. You can always do anthropomorphic animals after humans. After all, you can take turns.

  2. I still prefer human or animals it's just to weird.

  3. The feet of Sonic characters would look so much better if they would have toes. What they have is just a blob.

    1. Yeah I was hoping that Amy Rose's would look more like Felicia from Dark Stalkers except pink.

    2. How about Animal Feet for every weekend?

  4. We need more Agent Topaz foot art. :)

    1. Indeed she is. I love short haired girls. she reminds me of Sailor Uranus. :)

    2. Yeah short haired girls are great. O.O I didn't think of that... it is true.