Sunday, April 1, 2018

Lola Bunny Megapost Part 7 (Not Done with the Looney Tunes Show Yet)

Ok we're finally at the Last of the Looney Toons Show episodes and I saved the best episode for last. :-D In an exciting twist however... There were so many caps in this episode that we'll get not one but two tributes involving her...Anyway... Let's get started...
The Muh Muh Muh Murder
The episode centers around Lola fracturing her leg. She recounts the dramatic tale of how she hurt her leg to Bugs who helps her recuperate from her injury. 
Bugs is shocked when Lola tells him to met her in the hospital.
The doctor informs Bugs that Lola is fine. She just fractured her leg slightly.
Bugs of course asks her how it happened prompting her to describe the dramatic tale of her fracture.
Lola was walk down the street when she saw a baby crawling on a rooftop. Fearing for the Baby's life she climbed a nearby Drainpipe trying to reach the roof.
The drainpipe was unable to support her however and snapped
Bugs of course asks her if she was hurt in the fall. Lola informs him that no...
She had luckily managed to catch onto some telephone cables.
Using the cable she managed to swing into the nearby build crashing through the glass.
She landed safely and made friends with the woman living in the apartment.
Continuing her heroics she attempted to take the elevator to the rooftop...
only to find it was out of order.
Undaunted she attempted to climb through elevator shaft.
She fell but caught onto the elevator cables.
Climbing her way up to the roof.
There she kicked open the grate blocking her successfully reaching her destination. ^_^

With that exciting maneuver... let's take a commercial break more from this episode to come momentarily.

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