Sunday, April 1, 2018

Animaniacs: Minerva Mink (Part 4 Finale)

I saved my favorite Minerva scene for last. In Newt's first encounter with Minerva, he introduces himself while she is painting her toenails. :-) He tells her that he is a licensed hunting dog and that she won't be able to escape him. She seems undaunted and just asks the dog to help her toenails dry by blowing on them which drives him wild. I can't really blame him. ^_^;
Bonus Animated Gif from Sonic Ranger
(These are from Minerva's Animaniacs Short Meet Minerva. ^_^)

I think that Minerva is one of those characters that could cause even the most committed non-furry purists to question their preferences. 

An interesting bit of trivia is that Minerva's original name was going to be Marilyn Mink naming her after Marilyn Monroe. That definitely explains a lot. ^_^;