Sunday, April 1, 2018

Wizard of Dizz: Minnie Mouse

Continuing with the Animal Feet tributes. Here is a tribute to the first lady of Disney Minnie Mouse. :-D
(These are from the Mickey Mouse Club Short Movie Wizard of Dizz. A special thanks to GumballW for requesting her)

Earlier Tribute to Minnie:

Gumball actually recommended a lot of episodes where Minnie shows her feet. So far this was the only one where I came a nice quality clip for. I'll try to look out for the other ones too though Gumball. ^_^

Minnie is a cool character. She's cute and a good girlfriend to Mickey. As a Mickey Mouse cartoon fan, I like this character a lot. I was reading her wikipedia entry and they actually devote a section to talking about Minnie's footwear. She tends to wear shoes that are too big for her feet and they are known to slip off quite often.

Ok 4 more animal feet post left to do. ^_^ On that note...more to come soon!