Sunday, April 1, 2018

Lola Bunny Megapost Part 8 (The Looney Toons Show Finale)

The Muh Muh Muh Murder (Part 2)
Where we last left Lola Bunny she had made her way to the rooftop in a desperate attempt to rescue a Baby that was crawling along the roof.
It turned out that Lola had made a mistake from and the Baby wasn't actually a baby but a crow.
The crow chased her off the building.
Bugs of course thought Lola hurt her leg falling off the roof at this point. 
Lola  told him that she safely landed on a Used Car Dealership Balloon.
In actuality Lola fractured her leg during her doctor's checkup.
She had slipped on the examination table. ^_^;
The rest of the episode involves Bugs taking care of his girlfriend. :-)

I actually enjoyed this episode a lot. I was fun trying to figure out how Lola hurt her leg and the punchline paid off. It was also really sweet to see Bugs care for his girlfriend like that. ^_^

:-D Ok guys... Duh Duh Duh. That's all for Lola but this exciting new direction for the website is just beginning. 

Fret Not  Furry Fans...more Animal Feet still to come!


  1. I had love/hate feelings with this version, like her, but I really hate how they made Lola so dumb in this version, it's also funny, so it really put me in a bind.

    1. I just rolled with it and enjoyed the comedy scenes. :-) I liked her energy...she was always able to move around a lot. ^_^